Delegate Testimonials

Each of our events are driven by the delegates and the key to our success is to provide each and everyone with an enjoyable and lasting experience

“This was a great place to meet my peers and there was a lot of good intake in terms of the speaking sessions. I also enjoyed the personal one on ones with vendors. I was very selective when picking who I was going to meet with. As you can imagine at my level in ASX I have a lot of vendors calling me and a lot of emails, you know, I tend to not reply or actually delete the emails. So this was so great to have the opportunity to pick who I was going to meet with and the ‘meets’ so far have been really good and I plan to carry on the conversations with them down the road. I would very much recommend this event. I will be joining again – definitely!”

Tim Thurman – CIO, Australian Securities Exchange

I found the CXO Leaders Summit a very good investment of two days out of the office. Its been sensational to meet the other delegates; the very high calibre of delegates and we’ve all just been discussing how interesting it is to share our war stories and find out that people are doing lots of different things…some areas good and some areas bad and now we have a group of people that we can talk to after the conference to continue to compare notes. My favourite aspect of the Summit were the speaker sessions where people are sharing their stories, giving some insight, talking about their vision and often times sharing things that aren’t working so well and then taking that into the conversations with the people at your table. I found the program to be very holistic. It is covering all the key the issues and topics that someone like myself, who’s trying to craft  an amazing customer experience. I found the Media Corp staff delightful. I would definitely join the CXO Summit again, if I were given the opportunity.

Karen Ganschow – Head of CRM & Digital Marketing

“I found the CXO Leaders Summit fantastic; it was very interesting. It was really great to be able to speak with people who are delving into similar challenges in their own companies and to see how they’ve been solving it and the networking was fantastic as well. The Summit had a really good energy about it. It had a cohesive theme going on but was quite stimulating in thinking about the different topics, so I quite liked the variety of it all. The staff were absolutely fantastic. Took care of everything from end to end…cannot fault it.”

Caroline Morgan – Head of Insights & Innovation, Samsung


I really enjoyed this event and got a lot out of it. Meeting new people from the industry and learning their perspectives on current issues. It’s a great opportunity to network.

Hayley BaxendaleNational Workplace H&S Manager, McDonalds


This is one of the best events that I have ever attended. I have found that as I have gone into higher level WHS positions particularly those involving coaching, mentoring, change agent roles, it becomes more difficult to find one that is about communication and strategy. I enjoyed the whole summit. What I really enjoyed was the networking, the frankness of the discussion and the honesty within the presentations. I enjoyed it all!

Keira HawkeyGroup H&S Manager, Super Retail Group.


Overall the OHS Leaders Summit was an excellent investment of my time. The opportunity to stop and hear about different industries, what is happening in the safety space in these industries and what various organisations are doing, was very valuable.

Michelle StevensNational Risk & Safety Manager, Myer.

“Some of the keynotes at this Summit were just excellent. They were delivered by some well-respected leaders such as Rio Tinto, SingTel and Standard Chartered, and I found them insightful as they shared their approaches to challenges that they have. This event is all about honesty and information sharing. The one to one meetings also allowed me to explore some new opportunities which I am looking forward to.”

Ben Kellas – Regional IT Director / CIO – APAC & Sth America, Beam Global Spirits Asia

“The Summit has been fantastic compared to other events I’ve been to. The quality of the speakers has been exceptional. My favorite aspect about the Summit has been the breadth of content that has been covered by the speakers. Being able to be in an environment where you’re able to share real life examples; you’re able to talk about data, you’re able to talk about results means things are so much more meaningful. The networking opportunities have been fantastic. Being able to sit on different tables over the course of the past two days has been very beneficial in aiding that. The one-to-one meetings have been really good to sit down in a less hostile environment and a good way to know about what people offer in a less offer-based conversation. The Media Corp staff have been excellent in organising the event in terms of being addressed by name rather than just a delegate of a conference is not really something I’ve experienced before and that’s been quite exceptional. If the opportunity arose for me to attend the Summit next year, I would most definitely lock it into the calendar.”

Joanne Reilly – Head of Marketing & Brand, Australian Super

“The CIO Leaders Summit Sydney has been a really great event. The content was very relevant, and the calibre of attendees has been fantastic as well. My favourite thing was the roundtable discussions, the content discussed amongst peers has been very relevant and useful. Also, I liked that we got the opportunity to select which one on meetings you had. It meant that those sessions were tailored. There is definitely opportunity there to do business with some of the companies that I met with. Compared to other events that I have attended I found this one to be more focussed on what CIOs require in that we get to choose, so I would certainly recommend this Summit.” 

Shane Lenton – CIO, Cue Clothing Comapny

“I have raved about the professionalism and organisation of this HR event to my colleagues so there is every chance our paths will cross again in the next year. It was very professionally organised and executed. The one-to-one meetings were set for you which was great. It was a lot better than having suppliers snapping at your heels! The information about the suppliers provided prior to the event was excellent for context too.”

Milano Pellegrini – Head of HR, Refining & Supply, Caltex. HR Leaders Resources Summit 2014

The level of attending delegates has been excellent. Its actually one of the few conferences I’ve been to where I feel like I’m interacting with a whole lot of marketing and customer experience leaders who are having similar issues and seeing similar opportunities that I am. The opportunity to talk with the sponsors has been fantastic. One of the meetings actually is one that I will definitely follow up with. They gave me a fantastic take away in terms of what they do and its actually something that I can take back to my team in the office which is great because I can show them what I’ve seen here and then we can look into that opportunity and take it from there.”

Sally Adam, Head of Marketing & Research, Citi Bank.

“I’ve been coming to health and safety events for over the last 15 years and I have to say that this was by far the best event I have ever attended, well done to the entire team on all your efforts and support. The one-to-one business meetings were certainly an effective way of understanding what some of these suppliers have to offer us.”

Patrick Murphy – Global Health Safety and Environment Manager, Rio Tinto. HR Leaders Resources Summit 2013


“There was a great mix of delegate and vendor presentations at this event. I really enjoyed the one to one meetings also. They gave me an exclusive session with vendors where we could have an in depth discussion. This was a highly professional and very well planned Summit. Looking forward to next year!”

Soo Tong Lim, Chief Information Officer, Jurong Health


“This Summit gave me direct contact with some of the key presenters and vendors. There is a good balance between keynotes, panel discussions and one to one meetings. It was not overloaded, giving ample opportunity to spend time networking also.”

Francois Morin, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore SportsHub


“My favourite thing about this event was the balanced mix of events – speakers, panels, one to ones and think tanks. The topics were interesting and the speakers great. The one on ones provided a pulse on what is happening in the space. And finally I thoroughly enjoyed the networking opportunities with my CIO peers.”

Eddy Chan, Chief Technology Officer, OgilvyOne


“It’s a really good opportunity for others who work at the same level in the health and safety industry. We all shared the same problems, the same issues. So, it is really good to get another perspective on it.”

Ben SheidowExecutive Manager OH&S, Commonwealth Bank.


“Oh it’s fantastic! It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of colleagues and network again in the one place. It was a very well organised summit with a point of difference. The ability to connect with people I normally would not interact with on a daily basis made this event extremely valuable for myself.”

Kevin Figueiredo­­­General Manager, Safety, Health and Wellbeing, Woolworths


“There is so many creative thinkers in the room so it was a really good opportunity to hear some of those ideas. Along with this, there were some suppliers that really stood out to me in terms of our needs.”

Grace SinghExecutive Manager, Work Health & Safety, Suncorp


“I thought every presentation was great. I also enjoyed catching up with the vendors. But, my favourite thing was probably the networking opportunities with my peers. The quality of the attendees really came through in the speaking sessions, panel discussion and conversations throughout the event.”

Naz Haji, CIO Asia Markets, SVP Global IT, Quintiles


“It was great to hear CIOs from large organisations sharing their experiences. The presentations were practical and had a realistic outlook on IT management. Moreover, I found the one on one meetings enjoyable. The vendors presence related to the experiences that we heard. So, we asked the vendor some relevant questions after hearing of someone else’s experiences.  The MCI team were friendly, helpful and pleasant too.”

Kelvin Lau, Group IT Manager, China Aviation Oil Company


“This event was excellent! We all enjoyed getting to network with one another and meeting one to one with vendors. I found many of the keynote topics interesting and valuable also as they provided me with insightful information on applying technologies to address challenges.”

Yew Teck Lim, Group Head IT, Ascendas


“This Summit has some well organised discussions and the schedule was made to fit everyone’s needs. I got a lot out of the one to one meetings as we had some in depth discussions which helped me get a firmer understanding of the advantages of possibly having a relationship with them. The event staff was excellent people who made the conference successful too. Keep up the good work!”

Alvin Lim, SVP & Head of IT, ACR Capital Holdings

“The things that stood out for me most at this Summit was the one to one meetings with vendors. I enjoyed every aspect of this event and thought the organisation at the event and the pre-organisation was really great.”

Jeremy Goh, Head of IT, Hong Leong Bank


“I have to say that my favourite thing was the ability to have a one to one session with vendors was highly valuable for me. I got to share with them our specific issues and challenges in which they provided possible solutions in how their product is able to help. This was a very well organised event and I will attend again next year.”

Kah Lin Teo, Deputy Director of IT, Raffles Medical Group


“I have enjoyed the experience and have seen the quality of the input from the presenters and the Media Corp organisation.  I appreciated the opportunity to interact with companies I would not normally interact with.”

Andrew Murray, Engineering & Projects Manager, Glencore Technology


“I found the COO Leaders Resources Summit was an optimal mix & use of time spread between networking, supplier meetings & presentations.  The meetings were well matched and we were able to get straight to business & on topic.  This is obviously a large organisational task, not easy to pull off. A great result & overall added a lot of value. Well done.”

Chris Coombes, General Manager, Sojitz Coal


“I met some great people within the industry who share common experiences. I took great pleasure listening to fellow leaders through the different presentations. I also had some very good one-to-one meetings at the event.”

Ben Robinson, Operations Manager, Alcoa


“My favourite thing was the think-tank discussions and networking with other people from other industries. The speaking sessions were really valuable. The one to one meetings were also good in that they help us understand what is in the market.”

Dave Lim, Senior IT Director, BSI Bank.


“My favourite aspect of the CIO leaders Malaysia Summit was the networking and being able to meet CIOS from various industries, sharing current challenges and success stories. The one to one meetings were a great way to address my current challenges with a more specific solution / product. A well organised event, well done!”

Norafandi Mokatar, Director, Technology Division, Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia.


“My favourite aspect of the CIO Leaders summit was the networking and direct contact with vendors to address issues. The keynote panel discussion on ‘how CIO should prepare for running in the cloud’ and the keynote from google I found of most value. The one to one meeting were a great way to address concerned issues.”

Rainer Schimpf, CIO APAC, B.Braun Medical Industries Sdn Bhd


“The CIO Leaders Summit brought in the right people together who were open enough to share their challenges, their views and where the industry is going for an important learning experience. The one to one meetings were very good because it was not a sales push, but more about what can be done and where the industry is going which makes it more actionable; collectively about what is good – what is great for the industry.”

Mani Gopalaratham, Global Head of Innovation & Technology, Xchanging


“The Summit was very good quality and brought a lot of insight into the forum. It’s a good opportunity to meet with the vendors face to face to have a business discussion in order to discuss the challenges and to see whats out there as well as the solutions that are working.”

Yon Chiang Neo, Chief Information Officer, Republic Polytechnic.


“This is definitely one of the better events that I’ve been to in terms of the content. There’s been a good amount of challenge sharing and many of the pieces that were talked about were practical examples that I was able to connect to. I’ve had conversations that I will definitely follow up on and have already scheduled a catch up for next week from one of my one to one meetings.”

Roshan Kapoor, Vice President IT, Olam International Ltd.