Large scale gatherings targeted for business leaders that allow your organisation the opportunity to openly engage and discuss key challenges and new solutions on offer within the market place.

Media Corp International has built a reputation to be seen as the leading B2B event company specialising in high level Summits throughout the region where we specialise in delivering a portfolio of events for the Information Technology, Marketing, Customer Experience, HR, Health and Safety, Mining, Oil and Gas and Financial Services markets allowing us to connect and work with some of the most thought provoking C-Level Executives.

Our team of advisory and product experts focus on uncovering the challenges, pain points, budgets and ultimately the key products or services these CXOs are looking to invest in over the following 6 -12 months by interviewing each attendee before they are accepted to attend our summit.

Once this information is collated we then go out to companies and offer them the opportunity to take part in our summits based on the upcoming purchasing initiatives of our delegates. This allows us to make sure we are only inviting the most relevant supplier companies down to each summit who have a product or service that we know each delegate are interested in purchasing.

Once we have all suppliers on board for each summit we will then provide everyone with a summit intelligence report that will have all the collated information from the delegates and allow suppliers to pin point the most relevant delegate to meet with based around the intel they have received.

All attending companies on site will have the opportunity to arrange a set number of pre scheduled business meetings with potential delegates where they will have their own private area to discuss their products and services in an open two way dialogue.

Outside of the face to face business meetings our summits also provide attendees with further opportunity to generate exposure by taking up additional speaking opportunities that could include a keynote, customer showcase, roundtable, panel discussion or workshop.


Industry Thought Leaders:
We understand the importance in having the correct audience surrounding you and your team on site, that is why we only look to invite and select only C-Level leaders within each of their industries to attend any of our summits.

Star Keynotes and Presenters:
We invite only the leading international and local experts to provide sessions on site, this allows for attendees to be taught and presented by front-line executives that compress years of meaningful experience into a systematic, well organised learning program.

Demand Driven Model:
We work alongside a demand driven model, meaning suppliers at our events are guaranteed that they will only be 1 of 2 competitive companies onsite – Allowing for more sales and opportunities to be generated with their team.

1 – 1 Private Meetings:
Allowing both buyers and sellers the opportunity to engage with one another on site in a series of prearranged business meetings. These provide both parties with a great opportunity to build new relationships by interacting face to face.

Networking and Entertainment:
Keeping in line with the main goal of our events in achieving new relationships, we provide a huge amount of networking opportunities for attendees through breakfast, luncheons, cocktails, gala dinners and informal introductions. At every event a celebrity speaker is also provided for light entertainment providing a good mixture of fun and laughter throughout the evening.

Business Intelligence:
We provide all attendees with detailed information on one another’s key pain points, challenges, budgets and areas of investment pre event allowing for mutual and relevant two way open discussions while on site.

Personalised Program:
Each summit is personalised for YOU, this means that what is important to your business is important to us. We create personalised itineraries around sessions you want to attend, allowing for your time to be spent wisely while out of the office.

5 Star Venue:
Being able to step outside your office and into the surroundings of some of the world’s leading 5 star hotel locations is what makes each event such a unique experience. Learning, collaborating and sharing ideas with your peers in a relaxed environment is key to the successful delivery of our events.

Analyst and Alliance Partners:
We partner with some of the industry’s best minds to be part of our events, they help drive the content and most up to date topics currently facing the market while also offering expert advice and research papers to our audience.

Targeted Sessions:
Being able to experience different sessions is what makes every event unique. Whether you are looking to attend a Keynote session, an Interactive Workshop, Roundtable, Think Tank, 1 – 1 meeting, panel discussion or a presentation, you will always have something of direct interest for you going on.

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